Beware of Scammers

When someone comes to your door claiming to be from the First District Water Department, ask for credentials. It’s not rude, it’s safe.

How to Spot a Real First District Water Department Employee:

  1. A real First District Water Department employee wears a uniform with a First District logo and their name.
  2. A real employee will arrive at your home in a First District vehicle with our logo clearly visible.
    A real First District Water Department employee carries a photo ID badge with their name and employee number on it and will be happy to show you their ID. A fake one probably doesn’t.
  3. A real employee will give you their supervisor’s name and ask you to call 1-203-847- 7387 to verify their identity. Our employees are happy to help prove their identity. A fake one won’t.
  4. Share this with your neighbors, family, and friends (especially the most vulnerable).

Ask for ID. You’re not being rude. You’re being safe.

Download a PDF of these instructions here>>

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