Environmental Stewardship

Beyond providing drinking water, we act as stewards, or guardians, of the environment.

It’s a simple equation, really—a clean environment equals clean water. As part of the project of providing clean, clear, pure water to the public, we’ve been entrusted with land and reservoir holdings that require oversight.

This oversight, our stewardship, can be described in three words: inspections, protections, and abatement. By enacting this three-pronged effort, the FDWD can assure the public that our land holdings and waterways are well protected and the water we supply is free of contamination.

And that’s our mission - diligent patrolling and protection of the land holdings within our watershed, scrupulous testing of all waters that drain into our watershed, and speedy removal of any potential contaminants in our soil and water.

We patrol our watershed daily and work closely with local police departments and other authorities to inspect areas that drain into our reservoirs, investigating any possible hazards to the water supply before they can enter our system.

We regularly test water drawn from our reservoirs and wells, ensuring that all water flowing from our sources remains clean, healthy and pure. In addition, the FDWD acts as a strong advocate for safe and sustainable development in all areas near our watershed.

In total, the FDWD stewards more than ten square miles of watershed lands in the western Connecticut and eastern New York area—lands and waterways that require our dedicated protection, and also, yours.

We encourage you to join us as protectors of the land and  waterways that provide us all with this most precious resource.

Remember to use gardening chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides lightly, and with care, as they have the potential to leak into our water supply. Also, consider using alternate organic solutions in your gardens and yards. Always dispose of motor oil and other hazardous household chemicals at a state approved collection site or during hazardous waste collections. Also, please maintain your septic systems properly—have them emptied at regular intervals and check for seepage. And, if you see any evidence of illegal or hazardous dumping near a watershed, please report it to us, and the local authorities.

Remember, the public is an integral part of our attempt to protect the environment and our natural resources.

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