Categories: Water Alert-en_US
      Date: Apr 16, 2018
     Title: Work Being done at the Filtration Plant 

Possible dirty water

To improve reliability the First Taxing District Water Department will be doing some work at 270 Valley Road, New Canaan on Tuesday April 17th.  This work may cause intermittent disruption of service and/or dirty water to our customers in New Canaan and Wilton between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. on 4/17.

This discoloration is caused by the disturbance of naturally occurring minerals (Iron and Manganese) that have settled in the water mains.  The water does not pose a health risk.  However, when discoloration occurs we advise customers to store tap water in the refrigerator for drinking and cooking until the water clears up.  Customers should also check the condition of the water prior to washing clothes or dishes.