Environmental Sustainability

A Commitment to Our Future

At the FDWD, environmental sustainability means our commitment to maintaining and managing our land resources while providing water to an expanding population. As use increases, so too, do our efforts to maintain reservoir and aquifer capacities, to capture and hold more water from new sources, to patrol our land holdings, to protect watershed and aquifer areas, and to serve our customers by providing clean, clear, and pure water.

Environmental sustainability is a combined approach that challenges us to maintain a balance between use and renewal of this essential resource. It can be as simple as stopping a leaking pipe, or as complex as monitoring the healthiest, and purest, chemical composition of water we provide to you, our customers, while maintaining a healthy ecosystem within our watershed.

The following pages will explain this further:

Our Land and Water Supply

The FDWD collects water running through more than ten square miles of watershed, from Lewisboro, NY, to New Caanan, Ridgefield, and Wilton, CT.

Environmental Policy

The FDWD works regionally, in conjunction with other water providers and public and private agencies, to protect and maintain water source areas, waterways, watershed and aquifer areas, and wetlands.

Environmental Stewardship

Beyond providing drinking water, we act as stewards, or guardians, of the environment.

Land Management

Within the watershed, along the Silvermine River Basin, the land is preserved and protected.

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