Water Quality

Water quality starts at the source.

The following pages will give you an overview of how we maintain quality — from the source through the ground and our treatment facilities to your faucet — providing clear, pure water to you and your family.

At the Source

Water quality starts at the source. From the rain water and snowmelt that feed the tributaries of the Silvermine River as it washes into our watershed and gathers in our clean, well-maintained reservoirs, to the raw water we pipe into our purification and treatment facility, and after, along our sturdy waterlines leading to each household in our service area, we are your source for water. And we care about providing quality water.

Monitoring and Maintenance

How we maintain the flow of fresh water through our source lands, streams, and reservoirs is one part of our quest for water quality and stop one in our tour of FDWD facilities and operations. Another part of delivering on our promise of high water quality starts with our delivery system and our pipeline from reservoir to treatment.


After drawing raw water from our reservoirs, we begin what may be the most important phase of our operation—purification and treatment. At our treatment plant, water destined for household use undergoes a three-part process that clarifies, filters, and purifies completely.

In addition to our primary water source, our reservoirs, we operate the Kellog-Deering wellfield complex on the west bank of the Norwalk River in Norwalk, CT. Water from these four gravel-packed wells augments our reservoir supply during periods of drought and heavy water use.

Distribution and Delivery

For our customers, access to water is of paramount importance, which is why our distribution system is so important to us. Maintenance of water quality doesn’t end at the treatment facility.

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