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Water Rates 2011

The Water Department has adopted new User Rates and Charges which became effective on July 1, 2011.

After a Public Hearing, two Special Electors Meeting and numerous budget workshops, the Board of Commissioners approved the Fiscal 2012 Annual Capital Budget, the Fiscal 2012 Operating Budget for the Water Department and adopted new User Rates and Charges which become effective on July 1, 2011.

In previous years, the District has implemented cost effective, reliable and sustainable performance improvements in all facets of its operations. These performance improvements enabled the District to continue to supply quality water in full compliance with regulatory requirements and consistent with customer and public health needs. However,  in order to continue to meet these goals, every effort must be made to re-invest and renew our valuable assets.

Last year’s change in rates was the first adjustment since 2003 and therefore a large increase was required due to rising costs, aging infrastructure, the need for significant capital improvement projects and increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

One of the capital projects was the rehabilitation of the dam at Brown’s Reservoir. This Reservoir holds 290,000,000 gallons of water, and represents approximately 30% of our reservoir capacity. Built in 1910 and located in Lewisboro, New York, Brown’s Reservoir Dam falls under the jurisdiction of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Brown's Reservoir

Design is complete and all regulatory approvals are either in place or anticipated to be granted very shortly. The project is estimated to cost $ 4 Million with construction scheduled to begin in late 2011. The District’s capital improvement plan is well underway with other projects already under construction or in the final stages of design.

Rather than implementing large, significant increases every four or five years, the Board of Commissioners has decided to approve annual rate increases which keep pace with the water department’s operating expenses and capital improvement program. This year, in order to continue to accomplish these goals, a less than 2 % increase (5 cents per 1000 gallons for customers inside the First District and 7 cents for customers outside the District) in our user rates was necessary. Our customers will continue to benefit from one of the lowest rates in Connecticut.

Approved User Rate
Consumption $ / 1000 Gallons
Effective July 1, 2011

Inside District

Outside District


Last year the District implemented a program which provided a fifty (50) percent reduction in quarterly service fees to our residential Customers, who were approved to participate in their City or Town’s Elderly Resident Owner Credit or Renters, Veterans, Blind Person or Disabled Tax Credit Programs. Over 1,000 of our customers participated in the program which resulted in $36,000 in annual savings for them. The Board of Commissioners voted to continue this program.

Connection Fees 2011 (PDF)
Letter from The Board (PDF)


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