Lead in the News

What Happened in Flint Michigan

When the Flint, MI water department switched its water supply source, it apparently did not take the required steps to manage the resulting change in water chemistry. As a result, the new water source, with a low pH (acidic) and no corrosion control caused lead to leach from service lines, fixtures, and home plumbing that ended up in water drawn from the taps. To make matters worse, customer complaints of colored water from their taps were ignored.

First District Water Testing

The First District’s drinking water is lead-free when it leaves the treatment plant but lead can enter water that travels through a lead service pipe, lead solder or household plumbing containing lead.To comply with federal law, the First District collects water samples from household taps and tests these for lead and copper every three years. Federal law requires that at least 90 percent of the households tested have water below 15 parts per billion lead. Our tests have shown our water to comply with federal lead standards during the last sampling which was done in June of 2014. The next sampling event is next year (2017).

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