2014 Water Quality Report

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2014 Water Sampling

During the past year the FDWD staff has taken hundreds of water samples in order to determine the presence of any biological, inorganic, volatile organic or synthetic organic contaminants. These samples were taken at the reservoirs, the treatment plant, and the well field and also at representative sample sites around the distribution system. The table below shows only those regulated substances that were detected in the treated water. All of the substances found meet all state and federal standards. Regulation requires that some substances are monitored less than once per year. The year sampled is noted in the table.

2015 Water Quality Chart


1 - Highest amount detected; ranges are monthly averages.

2 - There is no federal MCL for sodium but Connecticut has established a notification level of 28 mg/L. If you have been placed on a sodium-restricted diet please inform your physician of the sodium content in our water. For people on a regular diet this level of sodium is very low.

3 - Turbidity is a measure of the clarity of the water. It is monitored because it is a good indicator of the effectiveness of the filtration system. 95% of the samples need to be less than 0.3. 100% of the The District’s samples were less than 0.3.

4 - The District’s water met the required removal rate 100% of the time.

5 - Tap water samples were collected for lead and copper analyses from 34 homes throughout the service area. The lead and copper results at the 90th percentile did not exceed the AL. A lead sample from one home had a result that exceeded the AL.

6 - Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Regulation (UCMR) 2 monitoring was completed in 2013. There is a list of 10 selected contaminants which do not yet have a drinking water standard set by the EPA. The purpose of the monitoring is to help the EPA decide whether the contaminants should have a standard. We detected five of these contaminants in either our surface or groundwater supplies.

2014 Water Sampling ChartLetter to Our CustomersAbout Our WaterFAQsHealth Information


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