Water quality starts at the source.

From the rainwater and snowmelt feeding the tributaries of the Silvermine River; along the streams that wash into our watershed and gather in our clean, well-maintained reservoirs; in the fresh, raw water we pipe into our purification and treatment facility; and after, along the sturdy waterlines leading to each household in our service area—we are your source for water. And we care about providing quality water.

For most people, water quality starts and ends in the home at the tap, and means a glass full of clear, odor-free, and crisp-tasting water. But at the FDWD, water quality means a lot more than that. It means strict adherence to, and enforcement of, local, state, and federal regulations that protect our water supply all along its journey, from raindrop to household faucet. It means diligent testing of water drawn from our sources; dedicated patrolling of our watershed; regular maintenance of equipment and facilities; thorough water processing procedures; and finally, delivery of that clean, clear, pure glass of water to you.

The State of Connecticut and the United States government mandate strict guidelines and stringent testing policies regarding water quality, and during annual water quality testing the FDWD consistently meets, and exceeds, these standards.

Our goal is to continue exceeding these expectations and to continue providing our customers with pure, clean water of the highest quality.

In addition to government inspections and tests, our water treatment operators regularly visit the properties on our watershed, conducting sanitary surveys at each location. These surveys ensure that safe waters flow from all our sources. Protection at the source is about water quality.

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