For our customers, access to water is of paramount importance, which is why our distribution system is so important to us. Maintenance of water quality doesn’t end at the treatment facility.

In the interest of water quality, we pump water from our treatment plant quickly and efficiently through well-maintained pump houses and water lines. Our water storage tanks are regularly inspected and maintained, and we strive to keep fresh, clean water flowing through our system at all times—even periods of dry weather—because we know that moving water refreshes our system, and our customers.

As part of our efforts to cleanse, renew, and maintain our distribution system, each spring we flush all our water lines. This removes built-up sediments that could otherwise affect water quality and damage our water lines and your home plumbing.

In addition, as part of our on-going capital improvement efforts, we are replacing old water mains with new piping all along our distribution lines.

Water quality—the FDWD provides water quality through a quality system, from fresh, natural stream to your kitchen faucet.

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