Delivering on our promise of high water quality.

The Environmental Sustainability section of our website describes our land management systems and policies, and water quality begins there, with our land holdings and source waters. How we maintain the flow of fresh water through our source lands, streams, and reservoirs is one part of our quest for water quality and stop one in our tour of FDWD facilities and operations.

You might say that our facilities begin with the dams at three of our four reservoirs. These structures of varying construction gently impede the course of the Silvermine River, allowing our reservoirs to ‘catch’ and hold the water you use.

Each dam requires regular inspection, maintenance, and repair in order to do its job of ensuring proper water levels and a healthy, nourishing flow in our reservoirs. Again, this is only the start of the water quality process, but source water is vital to outcome.

Another part of delivering on our promise of high water quality starts with our delivery system and our pipeline from reservoir to treatment. We employ gravity and sixteen to twenty-four inch diameter pipes to carry water down slope from our reservoirs to treatment facilities. These pipelines represent a crucial link between natural containment and our filtration plant, drawing raw water from reservoirs into tanks where water is made potable.

We inspect and maintain these pipes according to strict guidelines, guaranteeing a clean, full draw from our reservoirs. Our current pipelines meet delivery demands even during times of high use and drought, but part of our new capital improvement program is an upgrade to new, eight-inch diameter pipelines. These improvements will help us continue bringing fresh water in abundance to the growing community we serve.

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